You’ve got to ACCESSORIZE!

21 Jan

Accessories can make such an impact. This season, statement pieces are all the rage. I absolutely love versatile pieces that can be paired with casual outfits and added to dressy ones for a pop of extra LOVE. Yes…LOVE, because when you complete an ensemble with that perfect accessory, it becomes a vision of L.O.V.E!

This disk necklace below can be added to your everyday t-shirt and jeans look. It instantly adds a touch of chic without putting it over the top. It has a nice weight to it and can be adjusted to lay closer to your neck or just below your collar-bone.

disk necklace


This metal necklace features a scale like pattern made of half disks, linked together.

The gold tone has a rich warming effect that looks great against emerald-green, coral, and black and white. The silver has  a cool, crisp vibe that pairs well with blue tones, white, and of course black.

How would you style this necklace?


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