4 Jan

THE TRUTH ABOUT STRIPES by jaic featuring alice olivia dress


Who doesn’t love stripes? Designers use this timeless classic on tops, pants, dresses, accessories and shoes. This Spring, stripes will be big, making another fashionable statement for all those that love a vibrant pattern.


Horizontal stripes in general have a widening effect. Above, figure 1 has on a body skimming dress with a solid top and striped bottom. Note that the bottom stripes have a widening effect on her slim figure. Figure 2 is the same model but she has on thinner stripes with slimming solid side panels. The thin stripes blend together and work well on her thin figure.


Models 3 and 4 are clad in larger stripes. Model 3 has on a body skimming mini which works well for her since she’s slim but for fuller figures, a loosely draped fit with larger stripes( like model 4) will work best. A loose drape doesnt eliminate the widening effect but it won’t emphasize any rolls..if you have any.


Vertical and diagonal stripes have a slimming/lengthening effect. Model 5 has on a one shoulder dress with diagonal stripes which wrap around her curves, giving her a slim yet curvy silhouette. Model 6 has on vertical stripes which lengthen and slim.  The vertical lines carry your eyes up and down-thus slimming effect.


Model 6 is slim, not very curvaceous and has more of an athletic figure. She’s wearing a thin striped knit which works well for her. The thin stripes wrap around her, creating the illusion of curves. This stripes work well with petite/slim figures while thicker/loose-fitting stripes work better with full figures.


In the end…its really all about how you feel. If you can work those stripes with a full figure…work it! Be confident and flaunt those curves. It’s what makes us beautiful, feminine and WOMAN.









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