Daily routine

19 Dec
Daily routine
Skin care is something I took for granted for years till I started to notice fine lines and dark spots.  It’s so important to protect our skin. Our face is exposed to so many elements on a daily basis. Can you imagine the effects the sun has on your skin? I’ve noticed an increase of spots on the left side of my face which is the side that is exposed to the sun while driving.
I try to take better care of my skin by washing throughly, moisturizing , prime/prep with SPF during the day, washing throughly again in the evening and moisturizing before bed.
I cleanse with Purity by Philosophy. The gentle formula is ideal for my sensitive skin and it does the work. Leaves my face clean and refreshed.
Shiseido (The Skincare line) is what I’ve been using for years. It’s a light moisturizer with SPF15. It has a delicate scent and half a pump is all you need for your whole face. I will never use another moisturizer (I’ve tried) because this fits my skin type. Its light, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t feel greasy. 
Over the Shiseido moisturizer I use the BareMinerals Prime Time. I thought I could save money and do with out the primer but it does make a difference. It gives my minerals a smooth canvas to lay on.
I use BareMinerals foundation. It is the only foundation I believe in. I used to watch the infomercials, thinking  it was  just hype. All I needed was the starter pack..now I’m hooked. My skin has definitely aged. Dark spots, red spots..oh you know..the usual! Thats normal right?LOL… This foundation covers my imperfections and doesn’t make my skin feel clogged. It feels natural.
At the end of the night, after cleansing with Purity,I apply Olay night cream on my face and neck. It has a scent but not too bad, even for my sensitive nose. This cream does feel thick but it should nourish and feed your skin while you sleep.In the morning, my skin does feel soft and it stays on throughout the night.
Ladies if you use the Clarisonic system, please let me know what you think. I hear good things but still a bit skeptical about purchasing! I’d also love to hear what beauty produts work for you! Always on the hunt for new/better products!!

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