One dress, endless possibilities

12 Dec
One dress, endless possibilities
 The KocoSky Nico dress features a unique print, reminiscent of art deco. If you don’t mind being the center of attention, this is the dress for you.
When shopping for things to pair with Nico, keep the detailed print in mind. Less is more and a minimal approach will ensure a glamorous yet chic look. For special occasions and date nights, pair Nico with simple pointy toe heels, a slimming blazer or tailored leather jacket and structured clutch. The black, gold heel pump pictured in outfit 1 compliments the gold metallic details of the dress.
A night out with the girls will entail laughs, a bit of misbehavior and tons of priceless memories. Wear the same hot dress but tone it down a bit with a casual jean/leather vest. Pair with ankle booties and a clutch with a pop of warm color. I choose the Tory Burch clutch for both looks because of its deep vino color. I think the cool metallic lines on the dress mesh well with the warmth of the clutch.
Enjoy Nico….the possibilities are endless.

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