Clutch with LOVE!

7 Dec
Filled with LOVE
The other day I ventured out to the mall to purchase some facial moisturizer.  My first stop was Sephora.  As I wandered about, I noticed some really good value sets.  I purchased the fragrance sampler, Bare Minerals Buxom gloss set, OPI Perfect Reds nail polish set, and a couple Stila Smudge Crayons.
The Stila Smudge Crayons are my everyday, go-to eye products.  I use them on my upper lids as liner and shadow.  It’s the only product that stays on my lids all day without creasing.  It also comes off completely with soap and water, no racoon eye residue.  Buxom gloss is another favorite.  I personally love the smell and warm tingle it gives off.  I’m not a big fan of perfumes and can never find the time to polish my nails so those sets will be given as gifts.  Actually, all of it will be given as gifts.
Operation “Clutch-with-LOVE” is what I call it.  The KocoSky Sasha, Genevieve, and Diedre will be filled with some of my favorite products.  The value sets will be split up and distributed to each clutch, including a Smudge Stick and false Ardel lashes.
It’s a great way to let your friends try new product and the clutch is the perfect package. My favorite is the “Genevieve”.  It’s a rich mustard color with chic zipper detail.
Happy Holidays!  May you all be blessed with good health, loving relationships, and wealthy friends that give good gifts.  Just kidding!

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