Who knew it could be NEW again!!

25 Jul

It’s Monday night, and you’ve just received an invite to a party on Saturday.  It’s crunch time, and you have exactly 4 days left to find THE PERFECT OUTFIT! With a busy week ahead, shopping for something new will be impossible.

Don’t stress yourself out. Instead, stick with what you have and accessorize. It’s a  fail-proof way of turning the drab back to fab.

If you have a plain black dress, imagine it with the KocoSky statement necklace above. It will transform your dress and make it new again. If you’re feeling casually chic, pair it with ankle jeans, a white tank, pointed cap toe pumps and a cuffed blazer.

(This necklace will be available soon)

Above are some of my favorite pieces from KocoSky. The chain cuffs can be worn with casual pieces and are perfect for dresses that need an edgy make-over. The 3 strand necklace pairs impeccably with solid maxi dresses. Numbers 1,2,and 3 are currently on the site.  Number 4 will be available soon.

You’ll never have enough accessories! It’s an extension of your personality and a way to personalize your look.


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