21 May

When you receive an invitation to a pool party, what are you excited about?  Let’s be real!  Are you thinking about the refreshing dip in the pool or your poolside outfit?  If it’s the outfit that arouses you, take a peek below.

These new body chains from KocoSky will transform any swim wear into fierce party attire.  Imagine your curvaceous body peeking through the icy chains.  It’s like fire and ice melted into one perfect package.

Above I’ve paired the body chain with Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized cat eye sunglasses, Victoria’s Secret ‘Madi’ swimwear, MICHAEL Michael Kors Jelly sandals, and Betsy Johnson ‘Tricksy’ sandals.  If you do decide to go for a swim, simply remove the chain and give it to your friend with the false lashes.  We know she won’t be taking a plunge.

These body chains can turn out any outfit!  Above, I’ve paired the KocoSky rhinestone body chain with a pair of Joe’s jeans, Susan Monaco tube top, Rachel Zoe ‘Denise’ platforms, and a Krista coated drape jacket.(Lipstick by MAC-Meltdown) It’s an accessory that can adapt to any occasion and outfit.  It’ll even enliven that LBD that’s been hanging solo in the back of your closet.

This statement piece will transform and update your look!  How will you style it?


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