DECORative Organization

9 Jan

How many times have you put on that same hoop/stud earring or purchased a piece of jewelry that looks almost identical to something you already have? Do you store your precious pieces in a box or a drawer? Keeping them tucked away may be the culprit. For years, I’ve kept my pieces out of sight, which also means out of mind. I’ve neglected my collection of jewelry simply because I’ve forgotten what I have. This cute jewelry tree has solved my problem.

Purchased at Costco $19.99

 Each leaf has 4 holes for 2 sets of earrings. The curly twigs can hold bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. The bird’s nest is perfect for rings and the base can house brooches and watches.
It’s also perfect for displaying KocoSky jewelry like this bold statement necklace. It’s a great piece to pair with a strapless dress or under a tailored blazer for an outstanding pop of drama. It’ll instantly update  and transform any ordinary little black dress!
This one is my current favorites. I love earrings that draw attention and elongate.
The KocoSky statement necklace and disk earrings will be available soon on the website!

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