One is NEVER enough

9 Sep

 An empty silence filled the room as the intense stare down continued.  I could feel my eyes burning through my fierce glare.  My adrenaline was on high and I was determined not to let myself succumb to temptation.  I tried to reason with myself.  What I had at home was good enough.  I didn’t need another.  As I squeezed my bottom lip between my teeth, I could feel myself get weak.  Just one more wouldn’t hurt.  All I wanted to do was feel, put myself inside and quench my burning desire.  Then with a heavy exhale, it was over.  This time the power of reason was the victor.  How many pairs of booties does a person REALLY need?

This Rachel Zoe “Bella” bootie was calling out my name.  Love the button detail and the soft yet masculine blue hue. Perfect to pair with a lighter denim and neutral top

 This Rachel Zoe “Bella” ankle boot is the perfect fall foot accessory. Pair it with a dark denim and your strides will easily transform into struts.

This is the L.A.M.B. “Bask” bootie.  A shoe that speaks volumes on its own.  The elastic corset details and side studs are bold, yet manage to blend impeccably into the sexy back drop.  I absolutely love this line.  They hit it right on the spot every time.  If I give into my temptations, I’ll be pairing it with the KocoSky Chelsea dress.


 (KocoSky Chelsea dress)

All the shoes above are available at Nordstrom.



One Response to “One is NEVER enough”

  1. bjayd September 13, 2011 at 10:05 PM #

    Temptation indeed!

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