EmphasEYEs your EYEs

21 Aug

The night is young and your soul is filled with eager anticipation. Music blares in the background and the ceiling fan rotates above as you get ready. Your dress, heels and jewelry are laid out on the bed, waiting for your body to warm them. With a gentle squeeze, your damp hair rolls out of the loose bun and onto the small of your back. You quickly dry your hair and curl the ends, creating a romantic look. Your soft sultry smokey eyes and nude lips are fierce tonight but something is missing……




Adding false lashes will emphasize your eyes and add a touch of glamour. I purchased these at ULTA. I’ve been using this brand and find they are flexible, inexpensive and durable. They come in a variety of styles ranging from wispy, full , sparse, and dramatic. Some of the styles come with a small tube of glue but I prefer to use DUO darktone eyelash adhesive.

To apply lashes:

  • Curl your own eyelashes
  • Gently remove the eyelash strip with tweezers
  •  Trim the lashes to fit your eyes
  • Apply glue to the strip of lashes and let air dry for about 15 seconds (while holding it with tweezers…do not blow on them..)
  • Place lashes in center first then place the sides (with tweezers)
  • Once it dries,  gently curl with eyelash curler (this is just to marry your own lashes and false lashes together)
  • Finish by applying black shadow over the strip, this will hide the shiny glue.

Have a BEAUTYful day……….


One Response to “EmphasEYEs your EYEs”

  1. bjayd September 13, 2011 at 9:53 PM #

    Very helpful, I’ve been doing it all wrong! No wonder.

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