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Impressive Prints

28 Jul

What you wear translates into a story. A new day, a new mood and ultimately a new look for each day of the year. At the end of each season, a chapter will close and a new one will open.Use color to create spark, silhouettes to embrace and accessories to electrify. At the end of the year, your novel will be complete. Let people read you for who you are. Stand tall, be confident and always dress with the intent to impress.

I intend to impress at my next function in this HAUTE little number from

"the Judy dress"I’m crazy about anything with animal prints and although this one is a bit on the  abstract side..its close enough! If you have a rectangle shape, this dress will create curves for you. If you already have curves…don’t worry, the light fabric will drape right over your hips. My motto is…better to have “more” hips than NO hips.  Love this dress. Think I’ll wear it to run errands tomorrow.